Eco Spotlight: Myrrhia Fine Knitwear

With so many environmentally conscious clothing companies popping up it will be hard not to purchase eco-friendly clothing. Myrrhia Fine Knitwear is our most recent sustainable fashion find. Founded in 2010 this company strives to create clothing that is a form of self-expression, they believe that the clothes you wear shouldn’t be like a costume, or uniform but rather they should be a part of you.
Part of Myrrhia’s game plan for being eco-conscious was creating a no-waste process. To do this they decided to work with yarns and fibers that were grown and spun in the USA, choosing local and organic when they can. Another way they reduce waste is by having their collections be made to order, meaning that they are only producing what there is an actual demand for. They aren’t wasting materials to make clothing that people aren’t going to buy.
For their spring collection Myrrhia explored fibers like that of the un-dyed organic California cotton grown by Fox Fibre only ninety miles from their studio. They also worked with Lenzing Tencel a fiber that is harvested sustainably from Eucalyptus trees. As you can see in the picture above these pieces are knitted seamlessly into gorgeous pieces of knitwear, and because they are knitted to fit they cut down on the waste that comes from cutting fabrics to size.  I’ll finish this article with a fun fact you can find on the MFK website, designer Myrrhia Resneck bikes to her studio in the mornings as a way to minimizing her personal carbon footprint. Her commitment to sustainability isn’t just a business venture, it is a way of life.
Written By: Courtney White