MODA: What does the term “self actualization” mean to Myrrhia Fine Knitwear?

MYRRHIA: Clothing is self-expression. Clothing can become uniforms or costumes, but each person has something unique and special to offer. We design clothes to show a glimpse of that unique power in people to help them self-actualize; to become the very best that they can be. The same goes for our fiber producers, mills, and our retailers. We want to work with them in a way that helps them flourish.”

MODA: Explain your focus on using sustainable materials in a local supply chain.

MYRRHIA: It seemed nonsensical that wool raised in Australia would be shipped to one country to be spun, another country to be dyed and then finally a third country to be knit before reaching us and then the customer. We are so grateful that we can use cotton yarn grown less than 100 miles from Oakland, CA. Much of the merino yarn comes from a mill in Maine that has been making traditional woolen yarns since the 1860s. No matter how large we grow, garment making can be done in California. Our carbon footprint is smaller and we are more deeply connected with our supply chain. We can get immediate feedback, are confident in delivery times and can respond quickly to changes.

MODA: How does the company ensure material is never wasted during the production of its garments?

MYRRHIA: We manufacture garments using state of the art fully fashion knitting technology. Garment panels come out of our textile equipment with the armholes and necklines shaped and finished. This means we are never cutting into material and throwing pieces away. We do end up trimming some ends of yarn, but there is virtually zero waste.

MODA: In your opinion, what makes this brand so unique?

MYRRHIA: We believe that by sticking to our philosophy of self-actualization – creating fulfilling jobs for our workers, sustaining fiber producers and yarn mills, delivering on promises to retailers, helping our customers look and feel amazing – we will become indispensable to our communities. By doing one thing fully, you can accomplish everything.

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